Hero photograph
Photo by Nicole Kilbride

Aupaki Schools Speech Competition

Nicole Kilbride —

Isis-Anne Carruth was the Linwood College representative for the Aupaki Schools Speech Contest on the 21st of October.

The Aupaki Speech competition is an annual event held for schools in the Aupaki Kāhui Ako. Linwood College is able to select one student from the Year 7 and 8 group to represent our school in this competition.

This year Isis Carruth was selected as our representative and performed her very moving speech on the topic of “Bullying” to a crowd at the Heathcote Valley School hall. She performed admirably, delivered her speech with conviction and confidence and left the audience thoughtful.

We were also lucky enough to be asked to send two senior students as guest judges, who were Jessica Venter and Simon Nakan. It was a difficult role, with many excellent speeches to select from, but they did a fabulous job which was commented on by many at the end of the evening.