Stars Peer-Mentors

Kristen Frost —

In 2020 Linwood College enters its third year running the Stars Peer Mentoring Programme, delivered by the Graeme Dingle Foundation Canterbury.

Stars is a 12-month mentoring programme that supports, motivates and positively reinforces Year 9 students during their first year in secondary school. The students participate in weekly sessions lead by Year 12 and 13 students in the role of Peer Mentors.

The Stars programme provides an effective platform to:

· Help Year 9 students successfully navigate the transition to secondary school

· Develop self-confidence and resilience

· Promote a team culture and develop mentor and leadership skills for senior students

· Facilitate caring relationships with students and between students and teachers

· Develop a sense of responsibility and connectedness to the school and the wider community

This year Stars has 21 Peer Mentors who each bring their unique talents and abilities to work alongside and support the Year 9s, developing their own leadership skills along the way. During the lockdown period, the Peer Mentors have continued to connect with each other and their Stars Coordinator, showing great strength and resilience in uncertain times.

Stars is underpinned by this whakatauki:

Tukua kia tu takitahi nga whetu o te rangi
Let each star in the sky shine its own light

Stars Peer Mentor Profile 1

“I wanted to become a peer mentor because I believe that this is a good way for me to learn helpful skills that would help me later in life. I found being a peer mentor last year was a lot of fun. It definitely helped me get to know a lot more people at Linwood as well. That’s why I wanted to do it again this year. I think that this programme is really important for the Year 9s because transitioning into high school can be quite nerve-racking and having the extra support helps them heaps.”

Orion, Year 13, Peer Mentor, Prefect

Stars Peer Mentor Profile 2

“I wanted to become a peer mentor because I wanted to challenge myself, and step out of my comfort zone and make a positive difference to the Year 9s throughout their time at Linwood College. I was really nervous when I applied for the Stars Peer Mentoring role because I didn’t know what to expect from this experience. I really want the Year 9s to learn something from the sessions. At first there were many challenges for me, but slowly I was able to overcome those challenges. I really enjoy my role as a peer mentor because I get to learn something new every session. The Year 9 group are really amazing and I believe we have a long way to go but as a team we can do anything if we work together.”

Image by: Nick Colville

Tanisha, Year 13, Peer Mentor, Prefect