Hero photograph
Photo by Nick Colville

Garden Bed Construction

Helen Mora —

Students help to move the Science garden from the old Aldwins Road site.

With our move to the Ōtākaro site, one of the things we had to leave behind was the garden used by Science students for many years. We were fortunate that we were able to bring over the raised beds.

Year 11 Garden Aldwyns Road

During the last holidays, the old swimming pool behind the Science labs was filled. Volunteer year 10 students have been putting up the garden beds, from the Aldwyns Road site, on the reclaimed area ready for the Science students at the start of 2020.

The students have worked hard to remove the many stones and use their maths skills and superior eyesight to get everything lined up and nailed down.

One of the bigger stones to be removed

A huge thank you to these students for their hard work and hopefully, they will be able to eat the fruits of their labour next year. 

Last nail and post going in