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The Parenting Place

Year 8 Parents / Caregivers and Students

Renee McGregor —

Parenting Place on Tweens to Teens, A road map through Adolescence 

As part of our Health and Religious Education Programme Liston is providing the opportunity for Parents/Caregivers and students to attend a presentation by staff from the Parenting Place on Tweens to Teens, A road map through Adolescence on Wednesday 18th October, 6.30pm -7.30 pm at the College in R3/4.This will be followed up by further presentations in class commencing Tuesday 24th October and Friday 27th October. The presentations are within the framework of Catholic values and the Special Character of the school.

The aim is to support you the parent and primary educator in providing your son with accurate information with which to develop good decision-making skills and healthy attitudes towards topics such as bullying, alcohol and building self-esteem.

The achievement objectives for these lessons are consistent with those in the Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum. The teaching approach will be respectful and sensitive, yet open and honest.

If for whatever reason, you wish your son to be withdrawn from these presentations, please inform the Principal, Mr. Rooney, in writing as soon as possible and this will be discreetly arranged.

Please RSVP to Mrs McGregor by email or return the permission slip attached to the school next term. 

If you need to know more about this course, please contact Mrs. R McGregor, Head of Department for Religious Studies, for further information. 8389350 ext 620 or email renee.mcgregor@liston.school.nz