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iD Fashion Show
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iD Dunedin Fashion Show

Sarah Spicer and Kristan Mouat —

Several of our students stood out on the longest catwalk in New Zealand as part of the iD Dunedin Fashion show in March.

Stephanie Devereux won the Face of iD Fashion earlier this year and is signed with the Ali McD Modelling agency. Finn Allerston was selected as a main model for the Emerging and Railway shows and former student Luke Major was a T-shirt model in the event.

Stephanie modelled in the Emerging Designer section for Sophie Ball, Qian Qian, Alexander Lane and Panayota. In the Railway show she modelled for Jane Sutherland, Carlson, Kate Sylvester and Company of Strangers. She is looking forward to the opportunity for more photo-shoots and runway shows. She enjoyed the iconic Kate Sylvester collection including wearing the Muse Dress which was inspired by Pablo Picasso and his work.

Finn modelled last year and was successfully selected from a casting call this year. In the Emerging section he modelled for Sarah Parker and Cherry Luk. In the Railway Main Show he modelled for Steve Hall who won the Emerging Designer competition last year. Finn was delighted to be wearing local fashion and hopes to pursue this work further. Finn has worked with the Ali McD Modelling Agency and is looking to take the next step towards a wider range of experiences across New Zealand. This has given him the opportunity to network with international designers.

A number of our ex-students have gone on to have successful careers in the fashion and design industry including Cara Cotton, Fiona Clements and Tara Viggo. Ex-student and local lawyer and businesswoman, Susie Staley organised the iD Dunedin Fashion Week for 15 years, nurturing it from its humble beginnings to international acclaim before handing over the reins this year.

Year 13 student Jack Spence interviewed Stephanie for the ODT's feature article in their "Extra! newspaper."  The interview appears below:

What was your favourite part of iD?

“It was just such a fun experience and because I like design (clothing and digital aspects) it was great being able to see the garments closer than anybody in the audience would.”

How did you feel on the runway?

“People aren’t exactly looking at you, they’re looking at what you’re wearing, but it is a nice feeling - I mean I’m really just hoping that I’m not going to trip over my own feet!”

Beauty tips/ how do you prepare for shoots?

“Always eat clean. Don't go for the fast easy food.

I’ve gone off quite a few products for my face (toners exfoliators etc) I feel as though they strip away my skin too much.”

How has your perspective of the modeling industry changed?

“I’ve always been quite naive about the modeling industry and I’ve always wanted to do modelling. iD was eye opening, in that there is so much effort that goes on behind the scenes that goes unrecognized - even just organising people to be there on time, and fittings etc”

How did you manage school and ID all in one week?

“I guess coming up to iD I was quite on top of my internals and I would try and organise the 2-3 hour fittings around school lunch breaks or a subject that I was up to date with.”

Quote that you live by:

“If you want something, you have to work for it . You can’t let certain situations hold you back. I don’t believe in luck especially inside the modelling industry. You have to be professional and reliable and approachable.”

How would you describe your everyday street style?

“I’m very much into my Dr Martens, they’re amazing. I’m into black and own a lot of black boots. Recently I’ve been going into Op Shops and taking pieces from there and making them my own by altering them. I’m always into baggy pants and jeans. Usually comfortable. All for comfort.”

Is there anything that you dislike about the modeling?

“At points you are looked at as an object. You have to remember that you are you and you don’t have to change to be this person that was chosen over you, because in other situations you may be chosen over them.”