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Amnesty International
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Amnesty International NZ Hui

Zak Rudin —

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to Wellington to attend the annual national Amnesty hui & Skillshare in May.

This year, in light of the recent atrocities of the March 15th Christchurch attacks, the focus was on race, religion and discrimination, accompanied by a formal panel comprised of some truly fantastic and professional speakers coming from all walks of life.

For me, a highlight of the weekend was definitely the well coordinated workshop on youth engagement, which gave me, along with a bunch of other youth advocates, an opportunity to share our own experiences and insight surrounding Amnesty International, thus bringing some valued youth representation to the table. 

Overall the Amnesty conference was an enlightening, educational and inspiring event which has further renewed both my motivation and commitment to the ongoing fight to defend peoples’ (regardless of race, religion, gender or creed) human rights. The conference also gave me the opportunity to create some lifelong friends, whilst further connecting me to the wonderful and passionate Amnesty community.