Hero photograph
Photo by Kristan Mouat

Shakespeare Winners

Arnika Hazelwood —

Congratulations to our Year 13 Shakespeare team who won the Otago regional final of the Sheila Winn Shakespeare festival in April.

The team, directed by Head of Drama, Diane Dupres, performed extracts from various scenes of King Lear in a 15 minute cleverly edited piece where King Lear was on the heath, going mad as the voices of his daughters taunted him with his own words.  The team also traveled to Wellington at Queen's Birthday to compete at the nationals.

Casper McGuire - King Lear

Trent Hawthorne - King Lear

Olivia Bradfield - Cordelia

Moe Stebbings - Goneril

Alice Houston-Page - Reagan

Zak Rudin - soundscape

Gabriel Kovacs - soundscape

Finn McKinley - soundscape

Casper McGuire and Gabriel Kovacs also competed in the 5 minute student directed section with a scene from Macbeth, where Malcolm tested MacDuff's loyalty by pretending to expose himself as a man with tyrannical and sinful ambition.  Casper and Gabriel co-directed this engaging and original interpretation.