Hero photograph
Sailing Term 4
Photo by Andy Parsons

Logan Park Sailing Term Four

Andy Parsons —

The first three weeks of Term Four were a fantastic start to our new sailing season. 

New members have joined the team, both local and International students. We have a good number of young sailors who are developing some great skills on the water which bodes well for the next few years of competition.

We are very pleased to have acquired a new (to us) sunburst sailing dinghy. ‘Hot Mumma’ came from Bayfield High School and is well known on the Otago Harbour. Hopefully our new and enthusiastic sailors can make her sizzle on the water. ‘Hot Mumma’ is the light blue sunburst being crewed by Clair Caird, Punn Leelaket and Alice McNoe on this outing.

This purchase was greatly helped with a generous donation from the PTSA; thanks guys!