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Ski/Snowboarding Trip
Photo by James Govan

Year 12 Physical Education skiing/snowboarding trip

Kelly Wilkinson —

Our Year 12 PE skiing/snowboarding trip took place at the Remarkables ski field in September.

Students prepare for the trip by conducting a Risk Assessment Management Exercise (RAMS) form. This is a part of their internal assessment for Level 2 Physical Education.

The 3 day trip was action packed and great fun. Students excelled rapidly and were taking on more advanced slopes after only one day. It was both a pleasure to see the students encouragement of each other and enthusiasm both on the slopes and back at base camp. 

We were lucky to have no injuries or incidents - except for the bus door which fell off at the top of the mountain. Students enjoyed having a full three days of skiing in which to improve and the weather allowed us to take full advantage of the alpine environment. 

A trip in to Queenstown for dinner one night was a nice change. On leaving Queenstown most people were exhausted but pleased with the trip as a whole. We are encouraging the most lovely self-sufficient, adventurous students who know how to embrace a challenge and push their limits. 

This trip continues to be a major highlight of my year, every year.