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School Prefects
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Schoolwide Prefects 2022

Kristan Mouat —

Congratulations to our large team of Prefects covering a wide range of areas including sports, culture, arts, academic and wellbeing.

Thanks flor all the leadership and opportunities you'll provide for all of our school. The following students are our Prefects:

House Prefects: 

Clayton: Leaders - Nic James-Pirie, Ruby Hart. Deputies - Oe Hayward, Ava Reid.

Omimi: Leaders - Naomi Jutel, Connor Stephenson. Deputies - Kieran Graham, Luke Brinsdon, Paige Fox-Harris, Nico Alvarez-Rey-Virag.

Aoraki: Leaders - Darcy Monteath, George Fisher. Deputies - April Mcmillan Perkins, Laura Cowles, Harry Almey, Madeline Simons.

Toroa: Leaders - Grace Jones, Bill Campbell. Deputies - Shima Jack, Maia Puricelli, Hannah Yeardley, Jack Cowles

Arts: Emi Sharma, Emma Mitchell, Shima Jack and Grace Jones

Chess: Alexander Sun

Dance: Madeline Simons, Bronwyn Bouton, Amelia James-Pirie and Ava Reid

Diversity: Paige Fox-Harris and Madeline Simons

Drama: Ruby Hart, April McMillan Perkins, Kate Will-Tofia, Jack Cowles, Kelvin Hutchinson, Laura Cowles, Harry Almey and Sersha Forde

Enviro: Pepa Cloughley and Niamh Dillingham

Film Club: Eve Cowperwaite, Bella Gascoyne

International: Ben Cisterna-Baeza

International Languages: Marla Telleria Seier, Yannick Medvecky-Wolkenhauer and Niamh Dillingham

Library: Kate Will-Tofia, Marla Telleria Seier and Alice Bickerstaff

Māori: Kelvin Hutchinson and Liam Scott

Mathematics: Bill Campbell 

Media Studies: Emma Mitchell

Music: Emi Sharma, Marla Telleria Seier, Isaac Randal, Darcy Monteath, Maia Puricelli Callau, Steen Zaragoza-Faoagali and Ava Reid

Pasifika: Kate Will-Tofia

Sports: Madeline Simons, Connor Stephenson, Liam Black, George Fisher, Nick James Pirie, Shima Jack, Caitlin McDonald Waters, Naomi Jutel, Grace Jones, Kieran Graham, Emma Mitchell, Amelia James Pirie, Luna Koyama, Luke Brinsdon, Hannah Yeardley, Oe Hayward, Josh Houston, Ethan Dalwood, Simdi Adam, Nico Alvarez Rey-Virag and Caleb May

Student Council Chairperson: Shima Jack, Deputy Pepa Cloughley

Technical: Ieuan Sutherland, Liam Scott and Griffin Millar-Kelsey

Theatresports: April McMillan Perkins

Wellbeing: Paige Fox-Harris and Jasmine Fagg

Writing: V Harvey Knox, Shima Jack, Darcy Monteath and Naomi Jutel