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Self Defence Course
Photo by Frankie Vella

Year 10 Self Defence course

Ursula Harker —

All Year 10 girls were given an amazing opportunity; a day long self defence course.

The course was run by Bell Murphy through the New Zealand Women's Self Defence Network. 

I really enjoyed the day and it opened my eyes to different situations and how to act in them. In the course we learnt not only physical self defense moves but also how to recognise manipulative and unhealthy relationships and how to help someone in need of emotional support. 

In the course we learnt to use our bodies, voices and intuition to defend ourselves and others. This made me feel safe and empowered. Our instructor also discussed gender and its place in our society in great depth and fairness. This helped to recognise the differing and (largely) unfair portrayal of gender in media and in our own perception of ourselves.