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Dunedin Experience Asia Day 2019
Photo by Sue Kim

Dunedin Experience Asia Day 2019

Tam Chanthasen —

On the 12th of May, the teachers and students of Asian languages had a day of celebration and appreciation for the Asian Language and culture which was held at Otago Girls High School.

This memorable event was organised by the head teachers of various Dunedin school language departments; Mr. Edmunds, Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Thomson, and supported by the Asia New Zealand Foundation, Logan Park High School and Otago Girls High School. The reason why we have Asia Day is because we want people from all around Dunedin to get the chance to indulge while broadening their knowledge in Asian culture and languages.

There were many activities and games that you could partake in, with the performances being the highlight. We had professionals who came in to perform traditional music, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, beautiful Japanese and Chinese dances, and many other spectacular performances. We also had activities such as Korean fan and face mask decorating, entertaining mini games, and a station where you could try on gorgeous Hanboks and Kimonos and take pictures to keep as a memory.

We also had different varieties of tasty food such as sushi from Japan, dumplings from China, and some sweets and snacks like Mochi, soy sauce crackers and sweet rice puff squares. There were also hot drinks like green tea and hot chocolate to warm up from the cold rainy day. Though the weather wasn't as terrific as we thought it’d be, it still did not tarnish the cheerful spirits of the teachers, students and the visitors who came to enjoy and broaden their knowledge on Asian culture and language.