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Library Events
Photo by Michelle Summerfield

Library Events

Michelle Summerfield —

The library had a very busy Term Three.

Poetry Day August 23rd 

During the second part of Term Three we celebrated National Poetry Day. Students as well as some brave staff took part in a poetry reading at lunchtime. It was inspiring to hear our poetry performers and our incredible young poets. 

LPHS book club also organised the second annual 'poem in my pocket day'. They choose and printed poems and attached them to notice boards all around the school. Students and staff alike had a poem in their pocket for the day and many of them were read and shared!

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori - 9 - 15th September

Along with many events happening at school in September the library also celebrated Māori Language Week. Students created a lovely display in the library which highlighted some of our collection and provided activities for students to engage with during lunchtimes.

End of Year 9 Reading Challenge

All term Year 9 have been working on a reading challenge. They have been reading regularly and trying to read beyond their normal comfort zones, branching out into new genres and styles. In week 8 we held the prize giving where prizes were awarded for each class, for the photo competition and for the overall winner.

Prizewinners below:

Overall Winner - Millie Todd


1. Minami Uchida

Brielle Millier

Alexander Sun


1. Rosa Cameron

Cameron McAnally

Luke Simpson


1. Pippa Bell-Bloom

Sasha Barnes-Gardner

Archie Hennephof


1. Taya Kain

Emma Bradfield

Bella Gascoyne


1. Sophie Chettleburgh

Maria Ocheretyana

Willa Davison


1. Charlotte Martin

Matt Fraser

Jessica Beaumont-Clark

Photo Comp. Overall winner - Zoe Barton

Runners up Polly Figgins and Ethan Lambeth

Highly Commended - Solly Armstrong, Eva Woodhouse & Shyla Telfer, Nixie Pepers, Minami Uchida, Taya Kain

Winning Teacher Photo - Amanda Wilson