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Managing Munchkins
Photo by James Govan

Managing Munchkins

James Govan —

Year 12 Physical Education students had the privilege of working with the North East Valley Normal School (NEV) kids again this year as part of our curriculum.

In the morning, our year 12’s coached three groups of senior NEV students, each group with about 15 students. 

Each of our year 12 groups chose a certain activity or game they wanted to coach. These ranged from Omnikin Ball to Ultimate Frisbee, and gave our students an awareness of how to apply and develop different leadership strategies. 

Most of our group was surprised to find out that the first half of the day WAS the senior students of NEV, and the latter half was the juniors, because the seniors were already so young and small. Nevertheless, our year 12’s gained fantastic experience in having responsibility of a group and developing their own skills in managing others. 

Overall, it was an extremely successful day, with NEV staff commenting it was often “the [NEV] students favourite part of the year”.