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Get 2 Go
Photo by Francine Vella

Get 2 Go Challenge

Francine Vella —

On Wednesday, 14th September eighteen Logan Park juniors took part in an adventure race called the Get 2 Go Challenge. They were joined by 22 other schools from the Otago/Southland region. 

As we gathered at 8.15am the sky was clear, promising a great day. Our students separated into two teams. The events were mountain biking, orienteering, sea kayaking and problem solving. At the end of the day everyone was tired but happy. One exciting moment was when Team one was going hard out at mountain biking and disaster struck when one of the bikes got a puncture. While the tyre was being fixed, Sam Yeardley bravely set off on his circuit pushing the bike on one wheel. He was soon followed by brave Mr Swell who ran across country to intercept Sam and re-attach the wheel back onto the bike. This caused much laughter from everyone participating.