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Product Design
Photo by Andy Parsons

Product Design

Andy Parsons (HOD Technology) —

A new room and a new broom. Welcome to Mr Jenkins who joined the Technology Department this year and survived his first term with a smile.

There are some exciting projects being developed through the use of sketching, CAD and physical modelling. Our fancy laser cutter is getting a good workout and has proved to be an excellent tool for fast and accurate modeling and prototyping. We are also continuing to develop the more extensive use of other tools such as computer aided design and 3D printing. Mr Jenkins brings a wealth of experience to our department from his background in product design and engineering.

Another initiative that Mr Jenkins is working on is the development of a ‘Technology Hub’ where interested students can engage in whatever tickles their fancy. This is an opportunity for extension around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths…..Watch this space!