Hero photograph
International trip to Unipol
Photo by Christine Bennet

Visit to the Otago Museum 

Pun Leelaket —

The Logan Park workday was in March, so all international students went to the Otago Museum. It was so interesting. I had never known about Maori culture and history before. 

The guide at the museum told us the story about Maori people. The story explained about the weather in New Zealand. We studied about Maori objects, e.g. Maori musical instruments, hunting tools etc. As these objects were more than 100 years old we had to be careful not to ruin such precious historic objects. We wore gloves because oil from our hands can damage the objects surface. Every object looked beautiful in the Maori style and some of them had taken more than 2 years to make. Most of the carvings were stories about real people who lived in the past. The Maori Culture gallery was the most interesting for me. I also went to Animal Attic where there were many species of animals. Some were already extinct like the Moa. Another section had mostly native NZ animals and insects. We also visited a special exhibition on Maori women. There was a beautiful greenstone carving of a woman at the entrance. We tried traditional Maori games with string and rope. It was fun.

Visit to Unipol.

After the visit to the Otago Museum on workday we walked back to school for lunch and then we walked to the stadium to Unipol. There were many options of sports to play. I played basketball and badminton with Hannah because both of us wanted to practise for the upcoming trials the next week. I hadn’t played basketball for a long time. We had a good time. I tried to bring my sports’ skills that I used to have back. It was an awkward moment for Hannah and me as there were only two girls on the court and the rest were boys and they were so good. After that we changed to play badminton.