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Student Sports Council
Photo by Frankie Vella

Student Sports Council 2018

Frankie Vella —

The Student Sports Council works hard every year to make sure there are fun activities happening that everyone can take part in.

This year's Sports Council was made up of the following:

Head Boy: Louis Freeman

Head Girl: Zoe Degas

Alise Allnatt, Connor Vosh, Jamie Byas, Joseph Dewhirst, Joseph Araya, Leila East Giles, Lucan Willis, Rosa Miles Seeley and Silas WynLaegan.

The Student Sports Council had a very successful and busy year. The lunchtime interhouse sports programme that is run by the SSC included Dodgeball, Handball, Futsal and Indoor Rowing competitions. Each competition has a round robin with finals to decide the house winner. Handball, Futsal and Indoor Rowing all have separate competitions for Seniors and Juniors. 

Handball was a new competition for 2018. This programme has been noted by NZSSS Council as an innovative initiative and in 2019 we will apply for an innovation sports award.


Dodgeball winners: Aoraki

Handball Winners: Aoraki

Futsal Winners: Aoraki

Indoor Rowing Winners: Omimi

Houses compete fiercely within an atmosphere of good spirit and fun. Everyone is welcome to participate. 

Music is a background feature and a group of Yr 9's took over the music midway through the year and everyone enjoyed their song choices especially "If It Weren't For Your Gumboots Where Would You Be". 

To finish off the year the Sports prefects challenged staff to a futsal game. In front of a large crowd and with good spirit the students took control of the game in the second half to win 5-2. 

Well done to SSC for another fun year of lunchtime sporting opportunities for Logan Park students.

Dodgeball Competition

Throughout Term Two we had our annual inter house Dodgeball Competition.

The winner of the Dodgeball final was Aoraki in a very close game with Clayton.

Half way through the game it looked like Clayton had the match but as we know Dodgeball can change quickly. Aoraki got a couple of outs and the game switched.

In the match for third and fourth Toroa dominated from the start over Omimi. Connor Stephenson was the last man standing for Omimi with a heroic last stand.

Thank you to the Student Sports Council for four weeks of dodgeball fun.