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Year 13 Leavers Brunch
Photo by Arnika Hazelwood

Tertiary Scholarships for 2020

Arnika Hazelwood —

Congratulations to all of the Year 13 students who have been awarded Tertiary Scholarships for 2020.

25 high achieving students won significant financial scholarships worth over $320,000 -  including 6 students who won the premier University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarships worth $35,000 each.  

Scholarship recipients: 

University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship

Leah Cooke-McDonnell

Alice Houston-Page 

Zak Rudin 

Linea Simons

Cameron Monteath 

George Sabonadiere

Victoria University Scholarship

Albert Bauemer

Casper McGuire

Cameron Monteath

George Sabonadiere 

Moe Stebbings

Billie Taylor  

University of Auckland Scholarship 

Casper Macguire 

University of Otago, Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

Finn McKinlay

Olivia Bradfield

Rosa Miller

Albert Baeumer

Beth Lynch

University of Otago Maori Entrance Scholarship 

Ronan Geraghty

Canterbury University - UC Electric Power Engineering Centre Scholarship 

Henry Eden-Mann

UC Engineering High Achieving Scholarship

Henry Eden-Mann

Prime Minister’s Vocational Scholarship 

Phoebe Cox-Herring

Otago Polytechnic Principal’s Scholarship

Annie Kennedy Atchison

Otago University New Frontiers Scholarship 

Hayden Smith

Cailin Rogers

Alex Lambert-Janes

Magnus Campbell

Otago University 150th Entrance Scholarship

Cameron James-Pirie