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Ms Colbert and Ms Colbert
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Farewell and Welcome

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At the end of this year we will farewell Christine Colbert and in 2020 we welcome Shannon Colbert as a new Drama teacher.

See the Otago Daily Times article on the Colberts by John Lewis below:

Drama department is a family affair

Just when they thought they had seen the last of Ms Colbert at Logan Park High School, they replaced her with another Ms Colbert.

Christine Colbert (69) will retire at the end of this year after 45 years at the school, but the name Ms Colbert will continue to echo around the school corridors next year when her daughter Shannon Colbert (48) takes over.

Ms Colbert (senior) started working at Logan Park High School in 1974, when only year 9 pupils were at the newly built school.

The rest of the pupils were still at the King Edward Technical College site in Stuart St.

‘‘We went between junior and senior classes, either in taxis or in our own cars — it wasn’t too bad because there wasn’t so much traffic back then.’’

While she has been an inspiring, entertaining and energetic English, history and social studies teacher, and house dean for the past decade, she is better known for her work with the late Denise Walsh in the drama department.

Ms Colbert wrote and directed the school’s junior drama shows for more than 20 years.

She said a highlight had been seeing pupils grow in skill, character and confidence.

‘‘Seeing kids develop from someone who’s quite shy, with not very many skills, to giving a performance that will move me. I see that every year, many times.

‘‘ I love seeing kids have a realisation about themselves. It can be in an amazing performance, or when they understand a concept. It’s like the little light bulb going on.

‘‘That’s the best thing for me.’’

Ms Colbert said she felt ready to retire because the school, and its drama department, was in good hands — particularly because her daughter was taking over her drama classes.

Ms Colbert (junior) was a former Logan Park pupil and studied drama under Mrs Walsh.

‘‘It was a life-changing experience for me.’’

She won a scholarship to study drama in America, and after graduating with a masters degree in theatre (with honours), she worked in theatre before training to be a teacher.

‘‘I loved being a kid here at school. It’s nice to be back.

‘‘I guess it’s become a family tradition now.’’