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Toroa a year in review

Olivia Bradfield —

Comparatively speaking, 2019 was a pretty good year for Toroa.

We did not come first, or second, or our lofty goal of third. We did however have a great time participating in all the sports and making new friends and memories.

House day kicked off the year with a trip to Long Beach with a chilly Dunedin swim and fun activities in house groups organized by year 13’s. As usual, the BBQ was fantastic and the activities wholesome, with lots of cute dogs running around for everyone to pet and gush over.

The house spirit really kicked off on Athletics day - with the whole school dressing up in house colours and chanting until our throats hurt. Toroa did not exactly dazzle, but I think I speak for everyone in the house when I say that it was still a great day. Shoved into the furthest spot on the bleachers we still managed to bring the mean green spirit and cheer our team mates on. Seniors gave people green eye shadow and we competed in the athletic events against each other, maintaining our friendly but sadly non threatening relationship with all of the other houses. The highlight of the day would have to be our fearless leader, Ms. Colbert coming FIRST in the teacher’s staggered 100m dash.

We went on to come 4th in dodgeball and 3rd in netball against the other houses, but it was still wholesome watching the green team showing up and giving it a go - we were never at a loss with participants! I almost cried when we smashed Omimi during inter-house Futsal, a win reminiscent of our success in this competition in 2017. We are incredibly proud of everyone who played and came to support, as well as the sports prefects who put the effort in the make events like this happen in the school.

The head prefect team organised a few events during group time. We had an intergroup dodgeball competition backed by pop of the 2000’s, and 4/4 and 4/5 took out the crown. The last full week of term brought a Toroa kahoot with questions based around past and current leaders of the house and edible prizes. Our Words of Wisdom assembly marked the final meeting as a house for the year. The year 13’s got to share their knowledge accumulated from 5 years of highschool and also got to say one last goodbye to the group teachers who have supported us throughout our time at Logan Park.

2019 ends on a bittersweet note however, this year the entire house has to say goodbye to our matriarch, Ms. Colbert. Throughout her time at Logan Park she has embodied the Toroa spirit which has always encompassed being inclusive, kind to others and resilient in the face of defeat. All Year 8 students who have walked into her office have been warmly welcomed into the Logan Park family, and have been supported by the school’s best house dean. Casper and I have greatly enjoyed working with her this year to make sure that everything for Toroa ran smoothly. Ms. Caulfield, the Toroa house dean from 2020 onwards is both “excited and nervous” for her new job, and very happy to get an office.

We have loved leading Toroa this year, along with the other prefects, Arnie, Sam and Finn, who have worked to organise events and create a good vibe in the house. Good luck to Isabelle and Isaac for next year!!!