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Biology Field Trip
Photo by Yvonne Caulfield

Science Department News

Dick Pirie —

Renovations, room changes, competitions and field trips featured in Term 1.

Term 1 saw the refurbishment/reinvention of Room 21. When it was Mr McKinney’s room, it was an “Aladdin’s Cave” of delights and certainly a memorable experience for everyone who passed through it. 

With Mr McKinney’s retirement, the room was refurbished and the fixed benches were removed and other fittings updated. Dr Prime moved in during the term and the room has begun another life.

Competitions: There are always external competitions and exams in many subjects during the year. This term in Science, one focus was the Brain Bee – a competition involving students from across Australia and New Zealand focusing on….brains. For Logan Park, this competition brought about the formation of the “Rabbitt Clubbe” who met for training, learning and sharing Neuroscience facts. Members also sat a Trans-Tasman test in late March.

Term 1 also featured the annual Year 12 Biology field trips. The first trip was the labs at the Marine Studies Centre at Portobello. This involves training in beach study techniques as well as specific teaching about the role of oxygen using facilities not available at school. This included the oxygen meter as well as many Paddle Crabs and small dogfish which contributed to a study of oxygen using adaptations. Getting there involved delays; a bus not arriving, new arrangements and a late arrival. Consequently we were chased up the beach by the incoming tide and needed to work really fast and we still ended up with a little bit of wading at the end. The next day involved using the skills in an assessment at Warrington Beach. Everyone learned a lot and spent two days in our wonderful environment.