Hero photograph
One of the World's Largest Science Classes
Photo by Arnika Hazelwood

Science Successes and Happenings

Kristan Mouat —

Our whole school took part in one of the world's largest science classes, held at Forsyth Barr Stadium at the end of Term 2.

The science class and experiment attracted over 1,100 school students and marked the start of the week long New Zealand International Science Festival.

Festival director, Chris Green said it was the biggest science class of its kind conducted in New Zealand and Australia. Our students were involved in an activity simulating the activity of neurons in the brain and looked at the importance of sleep for healthy brain functioning. 

In another Science related event, a number of our science enthusiasts enjoyed competing in the annual Science Fair in August. Year 9 students Leah Cooke-McDonnell and Lealia Devereux, won the Science fair Prize. 

And in the recent Otago Science Quiz, our Year 10 team of Leah Cooke-McDonnell, Alice Houston-Page, James Mitchell, Albert Baeumer were runners up in the regional competition.