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Biology Field Trip
Photo by Dick Pirie

Bio Trip

Hannah Mattern —

It was dark, cold and raining in the morning when we gathered to take our bio trip to Warrington beach in March.

It seemed weird to go to a beach on a day like this, but when we arrived at the beach it wasn't raining anymore. It was quite nice walking along the wet beach, feet trudging through the sand leaving footprints to mark the path we had taken, and the rocky shore organisms probably enjoyed this wetter climate anyway.  

When we arrived at the rocks we all split into groups of 4, 5 or 6, and began laying out our transit lines. After splitting the final length of the transit line up into 10, we lay our first quadrant at 0 meters and started searching the quarter meter. At that time the water had slowly started to rise again. The waves seemed like they were driving us upwards up the beach, pushing us forward with our research. We found a great many things ranging from sea stars, to little fish, crabs and sea anemones. In and around the rock each group of students worked hard and found its own little ecosystem of organisms living their lives.

Half-way through our time at the beach, the teachers alerted us because they saw a whale in the ocean. It was quite funny to see everyone pause their work, craning their necks, trying to catch a glimpse of a tail, or flipper that might poke out of the dark sea. We saw a great many things, and after a while it was time to pack up our things and take the bus ride back to school to analyze the data we had collected.

The rest of the day went by as we sat crammed in room 25, drawing up kite graphs for the species data we had collected. The day was full of learning and new experiences and I'm sure a lot of people enjoyed the trip to Warrington beach.