Hero photograph
Photo by Frankie Vella


Frankie Vella and Grace Jones —

The Junior Girls Volleyball Team have competed tremendously well in 2018.

Throughout the summer seasons our team has competed in the Dunedin Secondary Schools Junior League on the Friday nights of Term One, the very end of Term Three and Term Four. This year we are yet to lose a single game and I for one am exceedingly proud of all the girls for their unbelievable performance! We also got chances to referee games during duty where we developed skills in that area, while at the same time broadening our knowledge of the game.

We trained in the Logan Park High School Gym on Thursday lunch times where we often spent time practicing our serves and skills such as digging, setting and other techniques before jumping into a game with more of the volleyball players from other years. 

As a team we have come a long way since that first game on that first Friday that feels like a lifetime ago. I know we are all looking forward to what opportunities upcoming years will bestow on us all!

Team: Tristen Chung, Naomi Carse, Jasmine Fagg, Poppy Hayward, Nirvana Hepi-Breen, Grace Jones, April McMillian Perkins, Ella Ormiston, Kate Will-Tofia.

By Grace Jones

The boys and girls social teams enjoyed Term 1 and 3/4 seasons. The girls won most of their games, winning the Social girls grade. The boys grade was very social and there was a good feeling among the boys from all the schools participating.