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Physiology Trip
Photo by Yvonne Caulfield

Physiology Trip

Dick Pirie —

At the beginning of the Year, the Biology classes began with a hiss and a roar - well actually, trips to the Physiology Department.

The Year 13's went first, managing to find their way (successfully for the most part), on a Monday morning to have their pulses measured, blood pressure taken and then lucky volunteers were connected to an ECG machine, which did not go BING, but did measure electrical activity in the heart. They studied the effect of exercise on the heart and left with a deeper knowledge of their hearts, ready to apply that knowledge in class. 

The Year 12 class was blessed with Respiratory Physiology experiments where they breathed into tubes and bags, all of which made people look very ..... (see for yourselves). They were measuring the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide they breathe in and out under various conditions. They also looked at lung volume with exercise (breathing into the bags). They too left better informed and ready to take on Gas Exchange as a Biology topic.