Hero photograph
Photo by George Sabonadiere

Enviro Club

Zak Rudin, Linea Simons & Henry Eden-Mann; LPHS Enviro Club Co Leaders —

The LPHS Enviro Club has continued to achieve great things in 2018.

We have had our first enviro assembly, which we plan on making into a regular thing. In the assembly we mentioned the possibility of bringing one’s own containers to the canteen for hot drinks and meals (whereupon you can get a 20c discount for doing so). This year we have continued the work on the bottle cap Albatross which we plan to put in the library by the end of this year / early next year. We have also put a small solar powered pump in the water baths in the science courtyard, that are home to our resident frogs and other pond biodiversity.

In Term Three we held a bake sale to raise funds for plants etc. We will also be doing a work day to plant trees (that have been donated by Mountain Bike Otago) on the fairly barren bank (created by the recent fire). 

The LPHS Enviro Group is already looking forward to next year's project ideas of helping to replant the tech courtyard (with herbs to be used by the food tech department) and electricity monitoring within the school to reduce the amount of electricity wastage. We also hope to potentially hold a workshop for making reusable wax wraps as an alternative that students can use instead of plastic wrap.