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Library Week
Photo by Michelle Summerfield

Library Week May 2019

Michelle Summerfield —

Library Week was again a real highlight on LPHS's library calendar.

We ran many lunchtime events: Guess the Book in a Jar, Twisted Tales (written and performed by our talented writers group and friends), Spine Poetry and the annual LPHS Lit. Quiz.

Well done to:

Holly Bettis for winning the Book in a Jar competition

Shima Jack and Maia Puricelli Callau for 1st place in the Spine poetry ( 2nd to Violet Rolston and 3rd= to Hannah Earl and Kahurangi Martin).

And a hearty congratulations to Matthew Cowles, Daniel Cowles, C.J. Barnes and Amasio Jutel for winning the lit quiz!

On Wednesday many students were brave enough to dress up as their favourite book or movie character. There were some outstanding costumes. Odin Jacobs won for his Jack Sparrow costume and highly commended: Millie Todd for her Sherlock Holmes inspired costume and Sersha Forde, Darcy Monteath and Ava Reid for their creation of 'the wardrobe' from the Narnia series.

All week the library was humming with students discovering books they would not usually have read as they braved 'Blind Date with a book' and analysed teachers' reading preferences in 'Match the Teacher with the Book'. Well done to Paxton Hall who won the prize, one of only three entries to guess correctly!

The photo booth has also been a new addition to library week. Students have enjoyed dressing up and having their pictures taken with an insta. camera. Many could be seen carrying a 'credit card sized' photo and "shaking it like a Polaroid picture"!