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Youth Week
Photo by Frankie Vella

Student Sports Council

Frankie Vella —

The Student Sports Council works hard every year to make sure there are fun activities happening that everyone can take part in.

This year's Sports Council was made up of the following:

Head Boy: Ziggi Kaitai-Martin

Head Girl: Annie Kennedy-Atchison

Finn Lillis, Abi Barton, Anna Denys, Violet Gallop, Sam Yeardley and Arnie Tregonning.

The Student Sports Council had a very successful and busy year. The lunchtime interhouse sports programme that is run by the SSC included Dodgeball, Netball, Futsal and Multisports. Each competition has a round-robin with finals to decide the house winner.

Netball was a new competition for 2019. We played a simplified version of Netball to make the game more accessible to everyone.


Dodgeball winners: Aoraki

Netball Winners: Omimi

Futsal Winners: Toroa

Houses compete fiercely within an atmosphere of good spirit and fun. Music is a background feature that has the gym pumping. Everyone is welcome to participate.

During Term Three, we held the finals of the another successful Interhouse competition. Toroa and Omimi played two deciding matches as in the first game at fulltime it was a draw and the bell rang for the end of lunch. It was decided to hold another match. Again it was very close till the final few minutes when Toroa surged ahead with three quick goals by the Yeardley brothers. Well done Toroa. House Dean Christine Colbert was over the moon.

The sporting event for Youth week was Interhouse Multisport.  Students played basketball, hockey, netball and futsal.  This event was about fun with no House points. It certainly looked like everyone had a great time.  Big thanks to Ziggi Kaitai-Martin who did a fantastic job of running the chaos that is multisport.

In 2019 the Sports prefects challenged staff to two sporting challenges, futsal and dodgeball. Futsal and dodgeball was played in front of a large crowd and with good spirit between staff and students. The staff took out the futsal. Dodgeball was more even, the staff won the first game and the students came back strongly to take the second game. Students enjoyed that both Principals, Kristan and Peter, joined in the games. The crowd exclaimed as Kristan dodged balls to be the last staff member on court in the second game.

Well done to SSC for another fun year of lunchtime sporting opportunities for Logan Park students.