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13 Biology Fieldtrip
Photo by Yvonne Caulfield

Biology Field Trip

Yvonne Caulfield —

This year all Year 13 Biology students were invited to attend a Biotechnology laboratory opportunity at the Biochemistry Department at the University of Otago. 

This was a great success and meant students were able to experience hands-on learning in a working laboratory. After this we had a short lunch break and headed to the Otago Centre for Electron Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy at the Lindo Ferguson building.  Here we had the opportunity to see the amazing work the team there do for many different areas of research. 

Many thanks to Andrew McNaughton for organising this for us.   We saw butterfly wings and even lice at impressive magnification. Our next port of call was the Animal Attic at the Otago Museum, here we were able to explore tools relating to evolution of humans around the globe.   Special thanks to Kimberley Beckett for allowing us to have such a great experience.