Hero photograph
Hockey Tournament
Photo by Francine Vella

Tournament Hockey Team (Mixed)

Kate Denys and Izzie Locker —

On the 28th of August we set off for our hockey tournament in Gore. 

In previous years the hockey teams have gone to two different tournaments, a boys tournament and a girls tournament. However this year we went on a co-ed tournament which meant we had girls and boys playing together which was a good experience for everyone.

We improved a lot as a team and also individually. It was great being able to play so many games in a row, because it meant that straight away we were able to work on improving from the game before. We had some tough games, playing against the top teams in the tournament, but we ended up winning our last game which was a great way to end the tournament. The last game was a great game which displayed our skill, sportsmanship and amazing teamwork, and it demonstrated what we had all learnt this year. We can be very proud of the way we played throughout the season, as a team and as individuals, because it proves what can be achieved when you work hard at something.

On Thursday in between our games we headed down to Bluff to get some touristy photos and it was a nice time to relax before our final game. We also were able to support the football boys team in Invercargill and it was great having support when they came and watched us as well.

We would all like to say a huge thank you to Dr Thompson and Ms Vella for making the tournament happen. We all had an amazing time on the turf and off and will remember it for a long time.