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Photo by Frankie Vella

Cricket Report 2018

Paul Fielding —

Cricket is alive and well at Logan Park High School in 2018. We are now the only Co-ed team from Dunedin playing Saturday afternoon cricket. This reflects the decline in overall playing numbers and the dominance of single sex boys' schools in the competitions.

We continue to be competitive in the Open Schools competition and have a new group of five year nines who will become the backbone of the team for the next few years.

Finn Lillis is our strongest player and he attended winter training camps to further develop his bowling. Finn trialled for the Otago under 17 tournament team and may yet still be selected for the summer campaign ahead. Adding batting strength is Mathew Cowles who is by far our most stylish batsman and Albert Baeumer who is fast becoming a great opening replacement for George Hyink who has retired early from the game. Kieran, Dominic, Ethan, Connor and Alex make up our new group of Year 9s and all are playing well especially Kieran as a determined opening bat. Laura Graham in Year 11 is our only female player and this year she has decided to continue playing while concentrating more on her hand ball skills for the Otago team.

The North East Valley Club continues to provide a coach for us after school and this is much appreciated and helps to fine tune the developing skills of the players. For this half season we have Ben from Christchurch who is a pace bowler playing senior cricket and on the fringe of Otago Volts selection.

The 2018/19 season started with our participation in the McCullum Cup over the third term holidays. This is always a difficult challenge and this year we managed to bat out our overs without setting high enough targets for our opposition. Despite this, team morale is high and at the time of writing the team has started the Saturday competition by winning our first two games. The first against an Otago Boys Year 11 team and the second against a proposed combined team.

Our team continues to develop a United Nations feel with two Indian players in Lokesh Menariya and Yogeish Mamgain being a great asset to the team for bowling, batting and fielding.

It continues to be an absolute pleasure to help organise and coach this team once again this year. The season ahead has started with great promise.