Hero photograph
Junior Show
Photo by Frankie Vella

Year 9 Dance in Term 4

Cairo Smart —

This term in year 9 dance we split in to two groups and choreographed our own dances for the junior show. We used various choreographic devices and elements of dance to ensure it would be fun, exciting and creative.

Both groups used a range of different techniques, formations and moves that we had learnt throughout the year. We started off by deciding which scene in the junior production we would like to be in. From there, we brainstormed ideas on styles, costumes etc. Once we had set a goal, we established roles within the group to guarantee a well constructed and polished dance. Making sure it met the expected criteria. From there we began the choreography, working together and developing ideas. 

Over the weeks leading up to the show, we continued to practice and perfect the dances. As the time got closer, we began to finalise costumes and make-up, led by the costume director. We then had rehearsals, to get a general feel of the stage and order of the show. 

Performance time came and us dancers practiced back stage before we were due to go on. The overall experience of the show was exciting and a great opportunity to learn new things. 

One thing I particularly enjoyed, was the amount of encouragement and support shown to one another. It was a great show. Well directed, and well executed.