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Board of Trustees
Photo by Lorna McMullan

Board of Trustees

Ronda Grills —

As Logan Park High School Board Chair, I would like to welcome you to the 2016 Logan Park High School magazine. 

The year has been filled with many activities and achievements that make for a fun year, yet without losing any of the rigour of learning and achieving awesome academic results at both the Junior and Senior Schools. The Board of Trustee Elections took place this year, electing new trustees Cindy Hall, Tracey Rogers, John Bradfield, and new Student Trustee, Rosa Miles –Seeley. Ruth Barnett and I retained our seats around the Board table and we appreciate the strong working relationship with the Principal, Jane Johnson, and the Senior Management Team of Peter Hills, Kristan Mouat, Cheryll Walsh, and Staff Rep, Paul Fielding, whose wit and blunt pragmatism ensures the Board meetings can be lively affairs. 

The Board have been busy with the ongoing duties of governance of the school including creating a Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2019, the Annual Plan 2017 and the serious task of monitoring and reviewing the school governance policies. This is done with the primary goal of ensuring that our direction and strategies enhance student achievement. 

Logan Park is a cool school and it has really neat people involved in the running of it whether it is the office staff, or the teachers, or past staff who have left their indelible mark. Denise Walsh comes to mind, whose beautiful landscaped garden lives on as testimony to her abiding love for Logan, and the array of birdlife that sing a sweet song to her memory. The Board look forward to the many stories and events that this magazine will tell, and we invite you to sit back, relax with a nice cup of coffee, and enjoy.