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Year 12 and 13 Formal
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The Formal

Andrea McSweeney —

After hours of melting and stamping wax, spray painting branches, debating gender issues, discussing the merits of tulle, and wondering where to get the perfect cropped top, the Logan Park Senior Formal was held on Saturday the 8th of July at the Savoy’s Tudor Room.

The theme of Masquerade was embraced by most attendees, with David Spencer winning Best Mask for the evening.

Dr Thompson often displays sartorial elegance and the formal was no exception where he was voted Best Dressed Teacher of the evening.

Despite not being at the event a paper version of Luke as Finn’s date for the night saw them win Cutest Couple for the third, and possibly final year! Who really knows.

Lovely Emma and Tim were crowned as Year 12 Royalty. Tia and Bruno, looking magical and wonderous were crowned as Year 13 Royalty.

Being mindful of our inclusive ways at LPHS the Best Dressed awards were not defined by gender.  Congratulations to Tanya and Zenith.

Music, food, dancing and photos followed the formal aspects of the evening.

Max Rebo provided outstanding Jazz before dinner, thank you, Mitch and Co followed by the DJ.  With the formal having 243 guests and the Savoy holding a maximum of 250 the dance floor was heaving with mad action.

The Formal Committee were amazing in the planning, setup and pack down of the event. From the accountant, the flower girls, Sophia, Caitlyn, Finn, Pania, Cuba, Niam and the driving force of Emma, well done.