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13 Biology Field Trip
Photo by Dick Pirie

Year 13 Biology - Marine Laboratory Visit

Dick Pirie —

Year13 Biology classes all went to the Marine Laboratory at Portobello for a day designed to deepen their understanding of evolutionary processes in the local marine environment. 

So as a part of that, the students looked at the range of diversity of families of living things found in Otago seas and then a more detailed look at the diversity of the Mollusc family around Otago. This involved getting up close and personal with a squid – looking at adaptations and the results of evolution on them. 

The knowledge and skills acquired during the day were tested when the students were challenged to work out what a Sea Tulip was (in detail) looking at all of its external and internal features. 

Overall, the day deepened many of the students understanding of and familiarity with how evolution and speciation have molded life in the ocean and hopefully, they will all be better equipped to discuss this.