Hero photograph
Berwick Outdoor Education
Photo by Arnika Hazelwood

Berwick Adventures

Arnika Hazelwood —

International students faced a day of challenges at Berwick Adventure Camp in September. 

Students wore full body harnesses and were driven to an outdoor abseiling experience. For many this was their first time abseiling and they needed to be very brave as they went over the edge of the wooden wall. Some with climbing and abseiling experience got to sharpen their skills by belaying for their friends. 

Next they were given  the truly Kiwi experience of tree climbing. They scrambled up massive tree limbs many metres off the ground. Luckily they were all roped in here as well.

Much fun was had playing on the playground and eating lunch in the sun before being strapped in one final time and towed in a cart around a mud track behind a quad bike.  The most mud splattered students enjoyed sharing the mud!