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Year 9 Reading Challenge
Photo by Andrew Spittle

LPHS Reading Challenge

Jenny Millar —

Year 9 students enjoyed the competition of the annual Reading Challenge.  Students compete with their classmates to read as many books as they can over a set amount of time.

76 students successfully reached their personal reading goals.

Special prizes:


Top Reader – Esther Tamati

Highly Commended – Wiremu Kovacs, Crystal Booth, Leo Lublow-Catty


Top Reader – Sidney Smith and Jazmin Taylor equal first place

Highly Commended – Cathy Zeng


Top Reader – Bailey Fox-Harris

Highly Commended – Jessie Pearson


Top Reader – Jemma Wong – Champion Reader overall with a record breaking 146 points.

Highly Commended – Molly Barton, Iffah Aminudin, Ella Molteno, Rebecca Dalphin and Cassie Winter.