Hero photograph
Junior Futsal 
Photo by Francine Vella

Futsal Report

James Govan —

Logan Park has had another ripper of a term in the Secondary School’s Futsal League.

 We had 5 teams (2 girls and 3 boys) entered in the competition which was run on Thursdays for 8 weeks. Our top girls team, entered in the second division and coached by Ahi Katai-Mullane, played some extremely good futsal, making it to the final. Unfortunately Otago Girls High School beat us in the finish. A really fantastic effort from all the players of that team and well done to all those supportive parents on the side line, including the entire Barton family. 

Our other girls’ team was entered into the third division, and was coached by Danielle Bruce. The girls in this team turned up with outstanding enthusiasm each game, and ended up in third position. Well done girls. 

Our top junior boys team, coached by John Yeardley, found it a challenge stepping up into the top division. The boys finished in 5th position, but had some outstanding results throughout. Our fourth division team, coached by Mr Govan, ended up in a solid 5th out of 8 teams. 

Our top year 9 team, coached by Mary Yeardley, had the most successful season of our teams. They took on King’s in the finals, winning 2 nil. The boys in this team never left anything on the court, demonstrating great Logan Park Spirit. A successful year by all and a big thank you to all those who have taken part. 

See you all again next year.