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Year 12 Health

Mrs Frost —

At the end of Term 1, students from the Level 2 Health Education class implemented a variety of Health-enhancing Actions within the Logan Park community.

Students selected a goal and developed an action plan on how they would initiate their action. Using surveys, the four different groups, analysed the needs to the school community and chose a health-enhancing action. The whole process took a lot of cooperation and planning, and provided challenges that students had to overcome in order to have success and achieve their intended outcome.

The first group's aim was to increase their peers awareness of healthy sleep habits, they did this through setting up a display in the library which advertised the importance of sleep. It provided students with a large range of strategies that could be used to increase sleep length and quality.

The second group chose to set up a breakfast club. Each morning, all students were offered free breakfast to have before school started for the day. Students received money from the student council for breakfast food, which really enabled their ability to run this club. This initiative was extremely successful, having large numbers enjoying sharing food with one another in a very supportive and friendly environment.

The third group chose to pilot a board game week with Omimi groups. Students received donated board games and purchased some for these groups. Over the course of the week students were encouraged to play board games in group time. This group's goal was successfully achieved, as they increased the social interaction of members of the groups, and reduced time on devices.

The final group organised a mufti day with support from the student council for the I AM HOPE campaign. Students were encouraged to wear gumboots to school and bring donations that were given to this cause. Students wanted to raise awareness of mental health issues, and raise money to provide free counselling services to NZ Youth.

Thank you to all the staff at Logan Park who supported the various student-led initiatives. I am really proud of their efforts, and know that they benefited greatly from this opportunity.