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Co Ed Rippa Rugby Tournament
Photo by Frankie Vella

Rugby - Co Ed Rippa Tournament

Frankie Vella —

Logan Park registered two junior teams for the Co Ed Rippa Rugby Tournament which was held in Summer Tournament week at the end of March.

The tournament was held at the Forsyth Barr Stadium which was fortunate due to bad weather which included hail on the day. Atawhai Hotene, coach of touch and girls rugby inspired our students to attend.

Even though we placed 3rd and 4th our students really enjoyed the tournament. Here are some statements from students who attended:

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the day at first as I've never played rippa before, but once I got there it was a blast. I recommend it to anyone that thinks they would like it - to do it!- Charlotte C

I really enjoyed being part of Rippa tournament. I’ve never considered myself athletically inclined but this was a great way to stay active. To future attendees, please make sure someone brings the speaker in case you need to have spontaneous dance breaks like we did. Harry Styles and Queen were particular hits for us in between games..
- Charlie M

I went into it honestly not expecting much, but it ended up being a great day that I got to spend with friends and have fun competing against other Dunedin schools. All in all I’d go again! And I look forward to playing rippa at school in PE in the future!
- Carlos R

I really enjoyed the Rippa rugby tournament because I was able to build my confidence in leadership and work on my teamwork. I also enjoyed the fact I was able to socialise with my friends and learn more about how they work in team scenarios so our friendship can become closer. - Louis Calder

My experience at the Rippa Rugby tournament was a very positive one. I found the atmosphere very fun and inclusive, with a focus on having a good time out on the fields. I feel like the team I was in grew closer as the day went on, and we developed a good sense of trust and sportsmanship. I loved it, and I’d recommend it to any juniors next year! - Arlette D 

The tournament was very fun and a good laugh all throughout. We may not have won many games but it was still a blast and I would definitely sign up again.
- Lucy R