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Board of Trustees
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Board Report 2018

John Bradfield, Chair Board of Trustees LPHS —

Being on the school board is like being a spotter at a gymnastics competition. It is a good sign if we are not too busy or front and centre. As a board we aim to be alert and available but also allowing the key players to get on with their jobs.

2018 has been a quieter year compared to 2017 and it has been a time of consolidation. This has been the first full year as a school with our Co-Principals; Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills in place. LPHS stands out in the New Zealand educational landscape in the area of co-leadership.  A recent report I read in the School Trustees newsletter citing increased levels of stress among school principals, confirms the positive direction we have taken.

Andrew Spittle and John Major have taken over as Assistant Principals. The key to a good school, like all institutions, is having the right people. The board is delighted to have such a strong leadership team in place as we look to the future.

The Summer School has become another major strength at LPHS. We are hoping to get a clearer understanding from the Ministry on how they will support this. This will put the school in a position to continue to offer this valuable opportunity to both our students and to the wider community.

I mark my years on the board by the changing of student representative. We farewelled George Sabonadiere at our last meeting, and at the same time welcomed Sophie Sun. I have been impressed each year by the quality of the students who have joined the board. They have, each in their own way, represented the student view in an articulate manner and added to the overall balance of our group.

2019 is election year for Boards of Trustees and we would welcome people with an interest in supporting the school in this way.

Finally I would like to thank my fellow board members. The trustees carry an important role of oversight and I certainly appreciate being able to share it with such a capable and thoughtful group of individuals.

John Bradfield

Chair Board of Trustees