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Senior A Girls Volleyball Tournament
Photo by Danielle Frost

Senior A Girls Volleyball - Tournament

Grace Jones —

In March, the Senior A Girls volleyball team travelled to Christchurch for the Satellite Volleyball Tournament.

On Otago Anniversary day - Monday the 25th of March - we departed and began our long journey north. The ride up mostly consisted of us jamming along to a diverse range of music - my personal favourite singing along to every Disney song ever - and us sleeping out the boring parts! By the time we arrived in Christchurch, everyone was hyped with adrenaline for our first game the following morning, although I don’t think I could say that many - if any of us were overly appreciative of the early 8am game.

Over the duration of this tournament, Logan Park played seven games and did three duties (which involved refereeing other matches). Four of the games LPHS played ended up stretching out into full length, five set matches, each spanning around an hour and a half long. One particularly memorable game played against Riccarton High School lasted nearly two hours! That is a lot of volleyball. Although at times it was difficult with the lack of rest within a game, I can say with utmost confidence that everyone on the court put in maximum effort 100% of the time. Even though Pioneer Stadium was loud, we were constantly challenging ourselves to be even louder. With our team cheer, ‘ACE’, as well as our well loved hype song, we lifted the roof with our chants; because who cares if we wake up with no voice the next day? It all became worth it by the end of our time in Christchurch.

By the end of tournament we finished up with a comfortable 3rd in our pool, earning a placing of 8th. As a team we have come an extremely long way together and this tournament truly did reflect that. Over the course of the four days together, I can say we have never been so close to one another - not just as a team, but on a personal level as well. Overall I unquestionably found this entire experience richly rewarding and I look forward for many more tournaments to come.

Thanks to Ms Frost and Ms Vella for all their support at tournament.