Hero photograph
Photo by Jane Johnson


Harold Spronken —

Waterpolo is a sport that is not for the faint of heart, imagine swimming and rugby combined and you get the general idea! 

2017 has been a year of mixed results, we have not had as many victories but the number of participants and the quality of the skills and tactics has improved. If you want to play we practice for an hour on Sundays and games are 16minutes of entertainment on a Friday afternoon.

We have had two teams filled with talented players of all ages and we play as mixed teams. Even though success has been limited, we never give up positivity and determination is the cornerstones of the Logan Park attitude. Thanks to the excellent coaching by Mr Spronken we have improved a lot, now managing to pull off more complicated tactics. We can only hope that waterpolo continues to be fun and that next year brings more success. A special thank you to all those year thirteens who filled in this term and especially to Finn who can retire with distinction after playing every year since year nine.