Hero photograph
Photo by Frankie Vella


Lucas Dubyk and Angus McLean —

Curling has become a regular sport at Logan Park after its introduction last year.

We had two teams this year. Logan Park Ice Curl and Logan Sliders. Congratulations to Logan Park Ice Curl who were 2nd in the Novice division.

Curling Logan Ice Curl Team

Curling well, what’s there to say? It was perhaps the outright most spectacular event Logan Park High School has ever seen. From the team’s dedication to the skillful strategies required by the sports itself, this year’s curling events, from the local to the nationals held moments of ecstasy and intensity never felt before. 

To start the year there really wasn’t much going for us, the team was in ruins and the levels of experience were next to none. It wasn’t until the third or fourth game that out true potential was realized. 

Within weeks our team of misfits was climbing our way to the top of the league at record speeds. By the end of the league we had managed to secure our final position of Second Place. 

While we were in the mist of celebrating we received news from the wonderful Curling sports coordinator Simon, that we had been invited to the secondary school curling nationals. This wasn’t bad for a couple of first year curlers, eh? 

The weeks came and went and in no time the curling nationals were upon us. We fought our hardest and fell in the end, but not without personal victory. We weren’t expecting to get far in the national’s event, but the confidence and team work we built from the overall experience was something that money can’t buy. Thus stunning story of rising under dogs is just one example of Logan Park ingenuity and how as a school, we can do anything.

“See you on the ice”