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Logan Park plans enrolment scheme

Hamish MacLean (ODT) —

Our Board of Trustees has been working with the Ministry of Education to introduce an enrolment scheme for 2020. All enrolments already received have been accepted for 2020.

The Board is currently consulting with our wider community on our draft home zone.  

See the Otago Daily Times article below:

An enrolment scheme for Logan Park High School, hoped to be in place by next year, should help to cap the school's roll at "a nice size'', the school's co-principal says.

Significant growth over the past two years at the Dunedin school would mean a roll of 700 pupils next year, Kristan Mouat said.

After two years of higher than normal intake at the year 9 level, the school approached the Ministry of Education concerned that without an enrolment scheme it could grow too quickly.

"We're keen to not get too much bigger,'' Ms Mouat said.

"All of the schools in Dunedin are strong schools and we really value and appreciate what we are, which is a caring, community school, usually of about 600.

"We're now going to be about 700 and we don't want to get much bigger than that.''

Ministry sector enablement and support deputy secretary Katrina Casey said rolls across Dunedin secondary schools had remained fairly stable over the past three years.

However, primary schools in north Dunedin, in particular, were growing, contributing to the growth at Logan Park.

Logan Park's year 9 roll increased from 119 in March 2018 to 156 in March 2019, she said.

"The enrolment scheme `home zone' that Logan Park High School is consulting on is a draft.

"When considering a new enrolment scheme, or changes to an existing one, we must balance the community's expectations of access to any particular school with the impact that the zone may have on neighbouring schools and the education network as a whole,'' Ms Casey said.

Other schools in the area already had, or were considering introducing, enrolment zones, she said.

George Street Normal School and Sawyers Bay School both had enrolment schemes and the ministry was working with North East Valley School to implement one there.

Among secondary schools, both King's High School
and Otago Girls' High School had enrolment schemes, she said.

Logan Park's proposed home zone would extend from the southern end of central Dunedin north to about Seacliff.

Applications from pupils who live outside of the zone would be accepted, but placement would not be guaranteed.