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Race Unity Assembly
Photo by Otago Daily Times

International Prefect

Lydie Leurquin —

Logan Park is a great place for international relations and becoming more diverse as a person and as a school in general. This year, we have had students from places such as Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan and Japan.

This year, I was lucky enough to become International Prefect along with Jesse Van Bawi and it has been such a privilege. Throughout this journey, I have helped organise Race Unity, the International Concert – where the International students can show off their hidden talents as well as come together and sing a song about coming together – and the International Food Festival during Youth Week where we are able to share the food from our countries with the other Logan Park students. This Prefect position means that I have made friends from around the world that I will keep forever and in doing so, I have learnt so much more about the world and about how people communicate with each other regardless of where they are from. This has truly been one of my favourite things about Logan Park this year and I will always remember it.