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Meikei High school students visit to Year 9 Japanese class.
Photo by Sue Kim

Meikei High School students visit to Year 9 Japanese

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Our Year 9 Japanese class hosted a visit from a Japanese group in Term 3.

Logan Park students report: 

I really enjoyed having the students here at Logan Park. I enjoyed showing them around the school. We asked lots of questions in English and Japanese. We shared lots of traditional New Zealand food. They gave us lots of gifts and we just had a generally nice time. - Kieran Black

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you.  I am blown away that you all work so hard at school with only one 14-day holiday in an entire year, and Sunday as your weekend with 7am – 6pm school 6 days a week.

I love the experience of your culture, such as your stunning Japanese Cuisine, your sporting, Japanese clothing + school uniform.  Japan is a beautiful country, with the blossoms, tall buildings and the amazing Japanese anime by Hayao Miyazaki and other Japanese Anime Creators (my favourite is My Neighbour Totoro – 1988).

I hope you enjoyed the NZ Life. I find Japanese Culture very fun and interesting, and I will miss you all.  I wish you well for the future. - Srinath Berry

On the 8th & 2nd of August, the Year 9 Japanese class at Logan Park was visited by a group of Japanese exchange students to try their English skills. I shall say that their grasp of the English language is remarkably good.  I was very impressed. Unfortunately, I don’t have exciting stories to share with you, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   - Finlay McGilchrist

For the past two weeks, we have had Japanese students come to our class. The first week, we introduced ourselves, then they introduced Japanese. The second week we took the Japanese students to see around the school, then we shared some food together, it was very fun!!!!!! - Esther Chen

Over the last two weeks, students from Japan visited the class and did presentations and also brought some presents from Japan. Then we did the Macarena. - Guy Howell

It was really cool to have an opportunity to speak with the students about Japanese culture. I found it quite interesting. the second time they came in was very cool.  We had an afternoon tea and I had the opportunity to try some Japanese candy and treats.  We then went on to do the Macarena dance for about 5 minutes straight. - Marley Keane

When the Japanese exchange students came to our school, I was really surprised with how fluent they were in English. They knew almost every word, and always understood what I was saying. They taught me some traditional Japanese games, we made origami shuriken, and one of them even did a whole poster on Mount Fuji, the famous Japanese mountain. I made lots of new friends, and I am really happy they came to Logan Park. Also their Japanese sounds super cool, and their Japanese matcha kit-kats were delicious!! - Brielle Millier

For the past two weeks we've have Japanese exchange students in our class. For the first week we introduced ourselves to each other then they gave us a presentation on a Pacific topic of their choice: my favourite one was of the geography of Japan and their active volcano Mount Fuji. They also taught me how to do an origami ninja star. The second time we met, the Logan Park students showed the Japanese students around the school and we had to be back by 3 so we could have some Japanese and New Zealand snacks for afternoon tea. We also got given a calligraphy and a little treasure and that was a amazing day with the exchange students. - Sasha Barnes-Gardner

Over the last two weeks a class from Japan came to visit us and I missed the first day they came but I was there for the second day and it was a lot of fun. First we took them on a small tour around the school and we all grouped back together in our class and we shared some snacks and had a party. Then some boys organised a big macarena group dance and a few Japanese students joined in. - Sean Kerr

When the Japanese students arrived here at LPHS I hoped that they would like our school and how we work. When Ms Kim showed Anna around we hoped that she liked the look of the school, she seemed to like it. I hope that they like LPHS and will come back one day. - Neva Bertram

The Japanese exchange students visited our school twice over a two week period. They were surprisingly fluent in English and they were very nice. We had to show them around the school and they gave us a few gifts. - Kimberly Eikaas

I really enjoyed all the Japanese students while they were here, we asked a lot of interesting questions and had a good time. - Max Mayhem-Haninig

I liked how kind and polite they were  - Irie Rust

As much as I generally dislike talking to people, the Japenese Students were really nice! They gave us lots of gifts  - Ethan Hanson-Harlech

The Japanese students were extremely kind people, they brought food from their country which was delicious. Overall a very fun experience. - Quince Field

For the last two Thursdays we had Japanese exchange students. I think I speak for everyone when I say we had a really good time and enjoyed meeting new people. - Neve Paepke

These past two weeks, our Japanese class had the opportunity to meet a bunch of students from Tokyo. they were really nice, and it was really cool to talk to them about their interests and what they like. They gave us gifts, which was so great of them. One guy I met did a presentation on Japanese historical fashion, which was so cool.  Overall, a very great experience. - Bram Casey

I enjoyed having the students share facts and other things. Their cuisine is very interesting. It was fun guiding them around too! - Thomas Kennedy