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Maori Translation App
Photo by Kristan Mouat

Maori Translation App 

Kristan Mouat —

Year 10 student Ennis Massey, a talented computer programmer is enjoying the real world experience of working on the coding and programming of a new Maori Translation App.

Our school is involved in an exciting project funded by a GigCity grant to develop an effective Maori Translation App. Tip Winiata our Maori Language teacher and his students are testing the functionality and suitability of the App. The project is being led by Fred Dichtel, Dr Romain Garby and Dr Alice Harang who are all impressed by Ennis' skills, innovative approach and work ethic.  (All pictured above with Ennis).

Ennis is working on the interface between the server and the web browser. One of the challenges is the asynchronous nature of the server, because many students will be accessing the translation app at the same time. 

Ennis will be attended the National NZ Python (programming) Conference in September where he was invited to do a poster presentation. 

In the future Ennis is keen to get an internship with Google or a large company, and then he'd like to run his own company doing Web Design and Programming. The work he is currently doing as part of the Maori Translation App will be part of his ongoing portfolio which showcases his work.