Hero photograph
Theatrefest South Island winners
Photo by Dianne Dupres


Isabel, Mae, Isabella, Silva, and Marnie —

The experience of going away for the sole purpose of performing our crafted piece untitled “Cut” was both enjoyable and one of the scariest things we have ever done.

When we first performed “Cut” in the school’s auditorium, we were all so terrified of the audiences reactions and how the piece would be received. Mental health issues aren’t a new thing but they are talked about very little in our modern society. 

It was such a thrill for us all to take a trip up to Timaru and so much fun! Everyone who went on that Timaru trip now shares a special bond with each other and the town of Timaru will always hold wonderful memories for us all. 

None of the trip would have been possible without the truly amazing Mrs Colbert and Ms Dupres! 

The trip to Wellington was extra special because it was the finals and we were travelling to the Capital City to compete with the best Theatre Fest piece from across the country. We have never experienced such a feeling as finally performing the piece that we had put so much time and energy into, in Wellington for the finals of Theater Fest. 

The whole experience of all the many hours of practicing and the time spent travelling was so enriching and is something that we all will hold on to for the rest of our lives.